Trade Show Dates 2019

Come visit us at the fol­lowing Trade Shows and meet the AdduXi team. We look forward to seeing you. Events: October 16–23, 2019: K in Düs­seldorf, Germany

Business France’s “Smart Factory Tour” at AdduXi Inc.

On Sep­tember 21st, AdduXi Inc. wel­comed Business France’s “Smart Factory Tour”, a dele­gation of 8 French start-up com­panies con­tri­buting to the Industry 4.0 revo­lution with inno­vative solu­tions and pro­ducts. Xavier Ovize, our CEO, pre­sented the AdduXi Group and gave them […]

Sport-Challenge (corporate race)

The first Cor­porate Race of the Haut-Bugey region / Plastics Vallée took place on 05/13/2017. AdduXi com­peted with five teams and a big fan com­munity. Along the lake of Nantua, each par­ti­cipant ran for 10 km. In the last round, […]

AdduXi China

In 1996, the AdduXi Group was created on a solid foun­dation for exports and glo­ba­liz­ation in 1996. 20 years later, we have suc­cess­fully imple­mented our so-called TRIPOD strategy. Years of careful obser­vation and ana­lysis of the wishes and expec­ta­tions of […]

20 years AdduXi

We proudly look back on our 20 year history. The com­mitted pursuit of our phi­lo­sophy — high quality, con­stant inno­vation, latest tech­nology — has made us what we are today: a suc­cessful family-run group with more than 300 employees over […]