AdduXi China

In 1996, the AdduXi Group was created on a solid foun­dation for exports and glo­ba­lization in 1996. 20 years later, we have suc­cessfully imple­mented our so-called TRIPOD strategy.

Years of careful obser­vation and ana­lysis of the wishes and expec­ta­tions of our cus­tomers lead us to organize our group of com­panies with a worldwide pre­sence. The main reason for this deve­lo­pment is our deep know­ledge of the auto­motive market, which has pro­vided us with gui­dance on demand, volume and future trends.

After the suc­cessful posi­tioning in Europe and the USA, we are pleased to announce the creation of our Chinese division in Shanghai, which will be available to our business partners at the end of the year.

We will defi­nitely become a global auto­motive sup­plier and secure the inter­na­tional growth of the Group for the coming decade.